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i’m alina iv


Couture Millinery Atelier Alina Iv is a hatchet family business that is the spiritual atmosphere of the family tradition of sewing hats, which is already in its third generation.

Thanks to this long-term, family tradition of sewing hats, Milliner Alina Iv creates unique world of Couture Millinery Atelier Alina Iv.

All products are unique — each hat is made in a single copy. In the manufacture of caps, traditional materials and equipment for hats are used, as well as modern elements and techniques. In collections there are felt hats and summer ones made of natural straw, strict business hats and flirty evening and cocktail hats, special purpose hats — for show jumping, for weddings, for theater and pop shows, for fashion shows.

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all hand made

Every hat listed in portfolio is made by hands and is an exclusive piece of art. Made to measures, previously sketched or innerly inspired, but always handmade.

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Stunning autumn and winter felt headpieces for your unique looks at any occasions. Let me compliment your outfit with warm hand crafted bespoke hat.

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Please note: any headpiece is available for worldwide delivery. We guarantee secure packaging of your order no matter how wide hat fields are or how long are feathers.

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Each hat presented in the collections was created by hand, with scrupulous attention to every detail in accordance with high standards of design and manufacture of headwear from haute couture.

I am very lucky that I can and love to make hats, continuing our family tradition to create unique hats, this is the work of my life.A hat is a unique, special, mysterious thing that brings joy, not only to the one who wears it, its creator, or just the viewer. In a hat, the world is getting brighter.

On the head you can not wear that in vain! Therefore, I am!

Milliner Alina Iv